What Others Say

“D.J., Thank you for a powerful and life altering session. You are truly a gifted person and a gifted healer. I am keeping your cards in my handbag and I hope to refer new people to you.” ~ Debi Kieserman

β€œD.J., I wanted to thank you once again for the workshop today. I found it to be of immense value. Your personal energy created a very safe environment. Your mastery of yourself made the delivery of the information easy and effortless. I have already recommended your workshop for three friends. I am very interested in doing future work with you.” ~ Valkiria

“DJ’s Defining Moments class was wonderful. I felt very at ease and I was ready to learn. My “aha” moment was during the “Timeline” portion, when I realized that I was still centered on my past and DJ helped me find the present moment and to ignore the “Scriptwriter” who was constantly keeping me in the past.” ~ Terry Loud

“D.J. Frost leads an event packed with information and exercises. He interacts with each attendant personally, and as far as a participant is willing, Mr. D.J Frost offers one-on-one hypnosis for each and everyone.

The experience includes relaxing into a trance, calming words of focus and personal power, a meditative, mental bath in a crystal clear brook, and a new, livelier energy in one’s body. He brings with him healing-energy trinkets from Sedona, including a crystal scepter and a pendulum. He also leads group meditations.

After the workshop, I had a fresher outlook on life, a wonderful, deep sleep with vivid dreams, and so far am having an especially productive day. Mr D.J. Frost offers a wonderful, safe, interesting introduction to Guided-Hypnosis and Self-Hypnosis.

He is a qualified professional who has a gift for healing and a heart for strangers.” ~ Stephanie

“I have experienced many self-help classes and recently attended DJ’s “Defining Moment”. D.J. made it simple and easy to understand self-hypnosis with tools that I can practice and use in real time.” ~ Steve Spencer

“I work with people on teams that are very logical and proof-seeking. I would say that every person should attend “The Defining Moment” and see the benefits that D.J. and hypnosis can bring them. It has opened my mind to overcome limiting beliefs and my blocks that have kept me stuck in the past.” Thanks, Dean

“D.J., you have played a huge role in my fight! Your advice and information has helped me go in the right direction in which was not just very helpful, but worked too! You even guided me in the direction of your friends who also were very helpful as well!

With all that I fought for what we deserved & for our freedom to have happiness in our lives, and to stop the abuse ! So we thank- you so much, we appreciate everything that you have done, and said to help us get to where we are today ;)”

Barbara, Jonathan, Christopher & Alina πŸ˜‰

We ALL thank~you with all of our hearts

Happy at last at home in Fla πŸ˜‰

Right where we belong !

“We talked on the phone and what you walked me through was powerful.

I was able to first feel the emotion around the situation then I was able to change it. I was able to use what I know now and what I already have inside myself to change the feelings. I feel really good now. I feel like I have a new power/ new tool to use.

Also, when I first started going back to the situation I started to get a migraine but when we were all done with the session it was gone.” ~ Theresa

“DJ worked with me on a stress related painful area and he helped me get immediate results. My right shoulder becomes painful and stiff for months at a time due to work-related stress. In fact, almost all my stress has been expressed through that shoulder.

DJ’s EFT work with me not only produced immediate results, but complete relief within 24 hours. My right shoulder is pain free for the first time in many months.

Thank-you for the fabulous gift!” ~ Judy Yates

“If a year ago you asked me what I thought of hypnosis, I would have told you it was all smoke and mirrors done by con men. What was it that PT Barnum said, a sucker was born every minute? I met DJ Frost on a recent trip and we began to discuss challenges in our lives. Things we truly wanted to change and aspects of our lives we wanted to improve. Of course being human there were several aspects of my life I wanted to change.

DJ asked why not try hypnosis?

I had recently met a lovely woman who had touched me but yet as we talked she identified one of these things that I needed to improve and that would discourage her from getting to know me further: looking at life as half empty versus half full.

In addition I wanted to be a better father to my two daughters. To be more understanding and to have greater insight into their needs and their challenges.

We sat down in a quiet room and DJ methodically and professionally interviewed me and we focused on several things I wanted to put in my past.

Hypnosis is not falling asleep and you don’t remember what you said or did. For me it was just a conversation with my subconscious getting it to agree with my conscious about my future behavior. I remember 100 percent of the session.

After the session I found my day to day life greatly changed. I had a whole new perspective and more positive aspect to every day. Suddenly things were less stressful between myself and my daughters and even when we faced challenges and disagreements, I found a new level of understanding, patience and compassion in myself.

I would highly recommend DJ and his services.”

Al Steele

“Thank you so much for the expert coaching. Your understanding of what I really want to accomplish in my life was caring and perceptive.

With your help, I was able to breakthrough what has been holding me back from moving forward. I now know what is important to me.

This is what you were meant to do!”

All the best,
Tamy Banos

β€œD.J. is a phenomenal coach. I have a new clarity of vision for a relentless path to success from working with D.J.”

Donald Yap

β€œThank you for walking me through the process of awareness and understanding how to BREAK THROUGH barriers that have helped me be on the right track.

What you do is invaluable! Truly a life changing experience! I will never be the same.”

Carl Smith

“I am eternally grateful for the awesome coaching I have received. You changed my outlook and gave me direction that has brought great changes in my life. You are the best! “

Thank you,
Cheryl Hunt

β€œI am very happy that I chose to hire you as my coach. The insight and advice I received was priceless. Your skills are of the highest value to anybody who wants to use your services.”

Mario Moreira