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  • Rick:

    Hi DJ, I’m in the process of creating a fear of flying informational resource and think your website will make for a great addition that my visitors will want to be made aware of.

    I was hoping you could link to my site from yours and also let me know if the description I have for yours on it currently is accurate and reflects your overall mission and offerings. I will be adding a substantial amount of content to the site, and as you can see it is a very premium domain name which will rank highly in search engines, so I want to ensure that the traffic I receive has the most accurate information possible regarding what you offer.

    If you have any original, unpublished articles you would like to contribute, you may certainly do so and include an authors byline at the conclusion for your own promotion.

    Thanks for putting together such a wonderful resource for fearful fliers, it was a privilege to include in on my site. I look forward to hearing back from you.



  • Jesse Cunningham:

    Hi just found your site it is very helpful and interesting. I was a pilot for several years; completed my private, instrument, and commercial. I always dealt with nagging fear but overcame it with training and became a confident pilot. During my CFI training I developed a strong phobia and convinced myself that flying was unsafe. I know that my odds of dying in a GA plane crash are slim… about 1 in 100 for every 1,000 hours… but I cannot get back in a plane. I am 27 and it has been two years since I have flown.
    I know that this phobia is unfounded and stupid. Never mind my aviation degree, or the $30 K in student loans, I want to fly again, without fear. It may not be my career, but I feel like over coming this and flying again, at least recreationally would be important. Thank you for your site and your response

  • Elyse Bauman:

    Would like to know if you “teach” courses to overcome the fear of flying in a group setting. I know there have been groups before but don’t see any now.
    Elyse Bauman

  • joffre valles:

    hi captin my name is joffre i am flying today to go to my country i m exited for that but at the same time i have a litlle ensity i always do even tho i kno i am going to be fine i still get ancity the thing that really get to me is turbulance it alwasy have i am flying tonight in a american airlines 757 200 i am siting in 9b wich is a isle seat but the only thing is not a window sit i prefer window seat because i kno at least i can see out side and be more confurtable wish me luck today
    once againg thank you

  • Jean:


    I just wanted to say thank you. I have had an extreme fear of flying for the majority of my life, which was heightened by the events on 911. Your blog really helped me relax, think more rationally and enjoy the perks of flying. I have flown four times in 2011 without anxiety or in-flight cocktails (which is a big deal for me!), thanks to your insightful blog. I plan to take it one step further and revisit Europe in 2012.

    You do great work and your words and information made a positive impact in my life. Thank you.

  • Elyse, I help people on a one-to-one basis in addition to my audio program but I do not have group classes at this time. Thanks for asking. DJ

  • KJ:

    Dear DJ,

    Your emails have been very informative and I have really enjoyed reading them over these last few weeks. Do you hold any “Fear of Flying” Seminars in the Bay Area? I would love to hear you speak and meet you in person, and see what other types of therapy I can benefit from.
    My husband is an Engineer and he travels a lot, sometimes over seas. My biggest fear is that something is going to happen to him and I cannot fly to be with him. I have a fear of flying over water and being “locked up” for hours in a small compartment. I can fly to see my family in Southern California which is only a one hour flight, but I have to be heavily sedated and that’s no fun. The last time I flew was last year to see my family however I was so heavily sedated, the flight attendants got a real kick out of me which I didn’t mind because they were super nice. I guess they can tell when a passenger is frighten? I suffer horribly from claustrophobia. I wore earplugs during the flight because I would have really panicked if I had heard the cabin door shut. That’s a huge red flag for me.

    Do you have anymore suggestions and advice?

    Thank you for helping all of us who suffer from Fear of Flying,



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