Could this be the Future of Flying?

Here’s a humorous look at what other possibilities could be next as air travel gets crazier for all the fees they are now charging passengers and hopefully people won’t begin to fear flying by all the things they point out in this very funny video.

Overcome Fear of Flying with a little flight attendant humor from David Holmes

Flying anxiety is definitely lowered with a great safety briefing from flight attendant David Holmes who’s also known as “The Rapping Flight Attendant”. Enjoy!

Pilot DJ Frost comments on Volcanic Ash dangers and helps ease fear of flying for Fox News

Pilot DJ Frost appears on Fox News to answer questions about volcanic ash dangers and eases fear of flying.

Pilot DJ Frost comments on Fox News Channel on new Aviation Safety item that can help people overcome fear of flying

Pilot DJ Frost appeared on the Fox News Channel to comment on the latest navigation technology that can help airplanes fly smoother and help stressful passengers overcome fear of flying.

Pilot DJ Frost comments Live on Fox News as Pilots Follow Airline Safety Procedures to a T

See how these United Airline pilots are professional and follow airline safety procedures to a ‘T’ for your flight safety. Some said this was one of the smoothest landings they ever had! Listen to Pilot DJ Frost’s commentary on Fox News and ease your flying anxiety.

Fear of Flying and Holiday Stress

Holiday stress tends to add to the feeling of anxiety and fear of flying.

Holiday Stress

Holiday Stress

Captain “Sully” safely lands his plane after birds immobilize the engine.

Northwest/Delta pilots obliviously fly past their destination because they were supposedly on their laptops.

Yet in another incident, a pilot was found to be smashed before his flight.

I know, these episodes do nothing to calm your fears.

As the holidays approach and you make plans to visit family and friends, can you feel your anxiety building?

As if holiday stress isn’t enough, you also have a fear of flying. Maybe even some claustrophobia, fear of heights or a fear of not being in control.

Don’t you want to get rid of that feeling of fear once and for all? You won’t have to timidly explain your fears to your friends. They won’t understand.

Would you rather enjoy a jar of sand from Hawaii that your friend brings back OR wouldn’t you prefer to go there and dip your feet in the sand yourself? Even though you want to travel to see your family and friends, you’re still not sure it’s worth it.

The only options are to go the slow way…meaning drive there…and who has the time?

Another option is to stay home and miss all the holiday memories and fun. Who wants to do that?

Here are a few Do’s and Don’ts to help you through the anxiety of getting through the airports.

1. Do get to the airport early. Get there in plenty of time so that you can make it through long lines and airport security.

2. Don’t attempt to bring liquids or wrapped gifts through security.

3. Do make sure your luggage meets the weight and size restrictions so that you don’t have to pay a surcharge.

4. Don’t make jokes about anything that could be considered a breach of security. The TSA will take this very seriously.

5. Do bring snacks, games, music to pass the time away in case of delays.

6. Don’t read the news or google ‘airline crashes’ before you go. This will only serve to increase your fear.

7. Do check in online so that you can print your boarding pass and get seats together with your family.

Follow these tips to help make your trip through the airport a little easier. Often the fear of flying is just the fear of not knowing what to expect in the airport.

Fear of Flying: Why Airplane Turbulence Shouldn’t Scare You!

It’s not airplane turbulence unless the coffee is in your lap!

For those with a fear of flying, airplane turbulence is when the paralyzing feeling of panic sets in. That’s the moment when you grip the armrests so tightly that your knuckles turn white and you don’t let go until you are safely on the ground.

Is this what causes airplane turbulence?

Is this what causes airplane turbulence?

I know that while you are worried about airplane turbulence, the pilots are not overly concerned. That’s because we know what causes it. Even though it creates an uncomfortable, bumpy ride it’s mostly nothing to worry about.

I believe that with knowledge comes power.

When you understand what is happening behind the scenes in the cockpit your fears will lessen. That is the whole point behind this blog. I want you to fly with peace of mind and a sense of security. These behind the scenes discoveries will help.

I have always enjoyed looking at the clouds and imagining shapes in them and so does my wife. Just the other day, she looked up and said “Oh, I see a bunny in the clouds”.  I looked up and saw it too. Of course I saw a ‘chocolate bunny’ – the kind they sell at Easter!

These clouds are what cause most turbulence. The variations in temperature cause the air to move around. When the airplane flies through one of these air pockets it causes a bumpy ride. Though we try to avoid it, that’s not always possible.

The reason that airplane turbulence is the beginning of most flying anxiety is because it’s something that touches your senses in a very real way.  You feel the plane moving around differently. You see the coffee cup shaking. You hear the pilot tell you to fasten your seatbelt.

Does this airplane turbulence result in a serious problem?

You’ll get even more details to help you overcome fear of flying with my full system, which includes self hypnosis and NLP techniques to rid your flying anxiety forever.

Don’t let this aviophobia keep you grounded. You can overcome your fear of flying and begin to travel to all the places you’ve wanted to go to. And you can do so with a calm feeling of enjoyment.

Fear Of Flying Musings

As if we don’t have enough to worry about with a fear of flying. Today is Friday the 13th!

Fear of Flying

Fear of Flying

Are you worried about Friday the 13th? That’s called paraskavedekatriaphobia. Yes, there’s a name for everything.  Or maybe you just worry about the number 13. That’s called tridkaidekaphobia. That’s the reason why some airplanes are missing row 13 .

I know your main concern is with the fear of flying. This is number three on the “What Really Scares People” list. It’s also called aviophobia and aerophobia.  I never heard of this one: Ephebiphobia is the fear of teenagers. As the father of two teenagers, I can relate to that.

There are some questions I haven’t answered in my video series and one of them is “Can I get suctioned to the toilet seat?” You’ll find the answer to that and more here:  Airplane Urban Legends Debunked

These are some articles I have enjoyed reading and thought you might too.

To get access to my free video series ‘7 Tips to Fly Stress Free’, just sign up in the box at right.

Fear of Flying or Claustrophobia?

I’m curious, is it really a fear of flying or is it claustrophobia?

Fear of flying and claustrophobia

Fear of Flying and Claustrophobia

Sometimes it’s a combination of both.  Claustrophobia is the fear of not being able to escape an enclosed space.  It often results in a panic attack and a feeling of suffocation.

Someone with claustrophobia may not actually fear flying; instead they may be worried about what could happen to them in a confined space. They will often do whatever it takes to avoid the situation.

Many of my clients say that they feel safer in a car. They think that they are able to escape the confined space of a car more easily than an airplane.  When I point out that it is not necessarily true, it makes no difference to the client.

You see, fears are not based on logic. Fears are illogical beliefs that are held by the subconscious mind. In order to overcome fear, it makes sense to use techniques that are creative. They may even seem somewhat illogical.

The Swish pattern can immediately remove any fear, including the fear of flying.  It’s something you can even do on your own.

Here are five steps:

1. Create a picture in your mind of yourself flying in fear. What does that look like?

2. Create a picture in your mind of yourself flying with calm sense of confidence. What does that look like?

3. Take the first picture and make it black and white. Then make it really small.

4. Take the second picture and make it vibrant and colorful. Then make it really big.

5. Focus on the big, vibrant, colorful picture of yourself flying with confidence.

Practice this several times.

Realize that some find they get better results when guided by a professional. You can get more details about this technique and others in my program, “Lose the Fear – and Fly!”

Continental Turbulence and Fear of Flying

Does the recent Continental airplane turbulence incident make you fear flying even more?

Airplane Turbulence Safety

I’m not surprised.

That’s because the media focused on the emotional stories of the passengers after they had an emergency landing in Miami. One after the other, the terrified passengers shared their stories with the media. One bumped her head so hard on the panels above that it cracked the plastic as well as her head.

These stories could turn even the most fearless fliers into a fearful flier in a jiffy. The media likes to focus on these emotional stories. Even better when they are hysterical!

It seemed to come out of nowhere, but as I explained yesterday, turbulence is possible even in clear weather.

Since it was in the middle of the night, many people had taken their seatbelt off so they could stretch out and sleep under a blanket. A blanket may make you feel snug and safe but it’s no substitute for your seatbelt.

The fact is that every single one of the injuries of the twenty six people who were hurt was unnecessary. If each and every one of them had been wearing their seatbelt during the flight, no one would have been hurt, the interior of the cabin would not have been damaged and there would have been no need to divert the plane to Miami for an emergency landing.

In our everyday life, we take precautions for our own safety. We look before we cross the street. We lock our doors at night. We keep our wallet in a safe place.

Instead of focusing on the stories of fear and hysteria, I want you to focus on what you can do for your own safety. Next time you fly, take some safety precautions.

Listen to your pilots and flight attendants when they give safety announcements. The flight attendants are on board for your safety.

The simple action of fastening your seatbelt during flight will make flying safer for you.

Allow this to give you peace of mind and reduce your fear of flying.

You can get even more tips by signing up for “7 Tips to Fly Stress Free” in the upper right corner.

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