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  • Erica:


    I was hoping you could help ke. First, I have used hypnosis before for a OCD and at that time I was taking nursing boads. I was one of those people who whould get so nervous, second quess myself, change answers when I would take a test or do an assignment I would to an extend expect lyself to fail. However, when I worked with the hypnotist on the OCD he worked on my nursing boards too. I went in calm, relaxed, and went in and answered each question with confidence, as a proctored test I only need 80 questions to pass. I answered 80 questions in total and oassed. It was effortless. Now, my issue is flying. I have been working on my private pilot for three years now. My instructor says, “You have the knowledge” but I’m still not getting it. Now, I have soloed and done my short cross country so flying on my own us not the issue. I have completed ground school but when asked something I have an issue actually verbalizing what I know. On “s” turns I will gain 500feet during the turn. Landing are terrible, I second quess myself on navigation and pilotage.
    I have explored that it may be I am afraid to succeed, or that I’m scared of this or that but they don’t seem true. I sit in a chair and focus on moves to work on my muscle memory, I imagine myself confident, going up executing moved, and work on positive talk where I “know” I will do well and pass my check ride. I am $8,000 over budget and going on year 4 I may have to stop because of finances. I know hypnosis works, I believe in it completely. I know, I know how to fly and I know my stuff. I know with hypnosis I can get in a plane and execute moves as required just like with my nursing boards. I live in Va, so I’m hoping you can help.

    Thank you,