Fear of Flying and Holiday Stress

Holiday stress tends to add to the feeling of anxiety and fear of flying.

Holiday Stress

Holiday Stress

Captain “Sully” safely lands his plane after birds immobilize the engine.

Northwest/Delta pilots obliviously fly past their destination because they were supposedly on their laptops.

Yet in another incident, a pilot was found to be smashed before his flight.

I know, these episodes do nothing to calm your fears.

As the holidays approach and you make plans to visit family and friends, can you feel your anxiety building?

As if holiday stress isn’t enough, you also have a fear of flying. Maybe even some claustrophobia, fear of heights or a fear of not being in control.

Don’t you want to get rid of that feeling of fear once and for all? You won’t have to timidly explain your fears to your friends. They won’t understand.

Would you rather enjoy a jar of sand from Hawaii that your friend brings back OR wouldn’t you prefer to go there and dip your feet in the sand yourself? Even though you want to travel to see your family and friends, you’re still not sure it’s worth it.

The only options are to go the slow way…meaning drive there…and who has the time?

Another option is to stay home and miss all the holiday memories and fun. Who wants to do that?

Here are a few Do’s and Don’ts to help you through the anxiety of getting through the airports.

1. Do get to the airport early. Get there in plenty of time so that you can make it through long lines and airport security.

2. Don’t attempt to bring liquids or wrapped gifts through security.

3. Do make sure your luggage meets the weight and size restrictions so that you don’t have to pay a surcharge.

4. Don’t make jokes about anything that could be considered a breach of security. The TSA will take this very seriously.

5. Do bring snacks, games, music to pass the time away in case of delays.

6. Don’t read the news or google ‘airline crashes’ before you go. This will only serve to increase your fear.

7. Do check in online so that you can print your boarding pass and get seats together with your family.

Follow these tips to help make your trip through the airport a little easier. Often the fear of flying is just the fear of not knowing what to expect in the airport.

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