Fear of Flying: Why Airplane Turbulence Shouldn’t Scare You!

It’s not airplane turbulence unless the coffee is in your lap!

For those with a fear of flying, airplane turbulence is when the paralyzing feeling of panic sets in. That’s the moment when you grip the armrests so tightly that your knuckles turn white and you don’t let go until you are safely on the ground.

Is this what causes airplane turbulence?

Is this what causes airplane turbulence?

I know that while you are worried about airplane turbulence, the pilots are not overly concerned. That’s because we know what causes it. Even though it creates an uncomfortable, bumpy ride it’s mostly nothing to worry about.

I believe that with knowledge comes power.

When you understand what is happening behind the scenes in the cockpit your fears will lessen. That is the whole point behind this blog. I want you to fly with peace of mind and a sense of security. These behind the scenes discoveries will help.

I have always enjoyed looking at the clouds and imagining shapes in them and so does my wife. Just the other day, she looked up and said “Oh, I see a bunny in the clouds”.  I looked up and saw it too. Of course I saw a ‘chocolate bunny’ – the kind they sell at Easter!

These clouds are what cause most turbulence. The variations in temperature cause the air to move around. When the airplane flies through one of these air pockets it causes a bumpy ride. Though we try to avoid it, that’s not always possible.

The reason that airplane turbulence is the beginning of most flying anxiety is because it’s something that touches your senses in a very real way.  You feel the plane moving around differently. You see the coffee cup shaking. You hear the pilot tell you to fasten your seatbelt.

Does this airplane turbulence result in a serious problem?

You’ll get even more details to help you overcome fear of flying with my full system, which includes self hypnosis and NLP techniques to rid your flying anxiety forever.

Don’t let this aviophobia keep you grounded. You can overcome your fear of flying and begin to travel to all the places you’ve wanted to go to. And you can do so with a calm feeling of enjoyment.

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2 Responses to “Fear of Flying: Why Airplane Turbulence Shouldn’t Scare You!”

  • This is a great site for people that are afraid to fly. I fly a lot and I am not going to say that its my greatest fear in life, but it does make me uncomfortable. I know that also because I frequently get nightmares of being in a plane crash. Not 3 times a week, but once every 6 months maybe. Anyway, I work in Russia now, and I work alongside people that are even more afraid than I am. They would choose a train ride to a plane ride anyday. And Russia isn’t exactly a third world country. Airline travel is widespread around here. I think there are plenty of places around the world, where people are very scared of plane rides due to lack of information. I hope they get around to reading this blog. You should get some “like” facebook buttons here. I would love to post something on my wall on facebook. This is neat.

  • Tony hook:

    My fear of flying only comes through turbulence. The nanosecond that I feel a jiggle or a dip that’s it I become the most religious person in the plane, the head rest gets crushed I go into a trance won’t look or talk to anyone. If someone stands up I want to scream at them sit down! It’s ridiculous be ause I was a great flyer as a kid took turbulence in my stride but now it’s over the top. Here is what I feel and think please does anyone feel the same or I am alone….
    1. If we all sit still the plane won’t shake as much ??(I know I feel ridiculous already 🙁
    2. Can the plane be pushed up and over to its side that’s what it feels like!
    3. All that shaking is bound to loosen something right?
    Surely the wings will just snap off like a cracker!
    4. We drop so are stomach feel queasy how much are we dropping by ?!?!
    They say imagine your in a car and it shakes and bumps along every street but no one replies “yes but I know the wheels are attached to the road! The plane is 30,000 feet up in the air I can wave my hand underneath it!! If I can fall so can it!
    Please help me… I’ve YouTube facts on turbulence watched cockpit videos and I’m learning about how planes fly etc its getting easier but I’m finding it very difficult to get past . Thanks