What to Do When You Fear Flying and Yet You Still Need to Fly

Even though you may fear flying, at some point you may find that you have a compelling reason to travel. Perhaps you need to travel for an important business trip, to visit a loved one, or maybe someone keeps bugging you to go on vacation and you finally give in.

As soon as you decide to make the trip, the feeling of dread kicks in. The feeling starts small and then begins to build so that by the time you get on the airplane you’re stuck in the middle of a full blown panic attack.

What do you do?

As an NLP Master Practitioner I understand that we tend to move in one of two directions. We either move away from something we fear, or we move towards something we desire. Realize that we tend to take action based on the direction of our most dominant thoughts.

As you prepare for your flight, what are your thoughts? Are you thinking of all the things that could go wrong? Or, are you thinking of all the good things that will happen when you get there?
One reader writes that she buys the newspaper each day for several days before her flight. If there is a hint of any bad weather such as a thunderstorm or heavy winds, she begins to panic.

What she is actually doing is preparing herself to be terrified during the flight. And never even tells another soul. Does this sound like you?

To make matters worse, she worries about what will happen to her children if something happens to her. She is convinced that if something extraordinary happens during flight then her children will not be taken care of appropriately. As a result, she and her husband often take different flights. I hear this all the time.

As the day of the flight gets closer, you can feel the fear grow stronger. All kinds of worries and doubts begin to surface. Stress and anxiety takes over.

Anxiety is when you live in the future.

After all, anxiety is a fear of what might happen. It’s worrying about things that might go wrong. Your mind is racing as it comes up with all kinds of possible scenarios. All of them bad.

How do you prepare for your flight?

What if, instead of thinking of all the things that could go wrong, you prepare in a different way?
Instead of getting on the plane with all of the thoughts and emotions swirling around in your mind, you can learn to relax during flight.

Through the use of self hypnosis, you can turn your attention to the things that you want to happen.

I give you various tips and techniques in my Lose the Fear and Fly audio to help you through your next flight. Even more importantly, when you practice self hypnosis in the days and weeks before the flight, your mind will already be in the habit of relaxing. It will be easy for you.

Here’s a tip you can follow right now:

Think about what you DO want to feel like when you travel.

What will it look like?

What will it sound like?

What will it feel like?

Be very clear about all the details and make them as vivid as possible.

Focus on this and you will find that this is the direction you will begin to move towards.

Get more here:Lose the Fear – and Fly!

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