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Pilot DJ Frost comments on Volcanic Ash dangers and helps ease fear of flying for Fox News

Pilot DJ Frost appears on Fox News to answer questions about volcanic ash dangers and eases fear of flying.

Pilot DJ Frost comments on Fox News Channel on new Aviation Safety item that can help people overcome fear of flying

Pilot DJ Frost appeared on the Fox News Channel to comment on the latest navigation technology that can help airplanes fly smoother and help stressful passengers overcome fear of flying.

Pilot DJ Frost comments Live on Fox News as Pilots Follow Airline Safety Procedures to a T

See how these United Airline pilots are professional and follow airline safety procedures to a ‘T’ for your flight safety. Some said this was one of the smoothest landings they ever had! Listen to Pilot DJ Frost’s commentary on Fox News and ease your flying anxiety.

When is Smoke not Smoke?

Some people fear flying because they don’t understand some things that are happening inside the airplane. Here you’ll see how a simple situation could be misunderstood and cause a fear of flying to escalate. By understanding what causes this smoke can help the process to overcome fear of flying. Get even more tips by filling out the form at the top right: “7 Tips to Fly Stress Free”

Airline Safety and Southwest

Airline safety is a top concern. The recent Southwest Airlines incident where a hole blew through the roof of the jet during flight may not ease your fear of flying. However everyone landed safely. In this video, I’ll explain why. Also, be sure to get your “7 Tips to Fly Stress Free” by signing up in the box at right.

Solving Fear of Flying Can Be Easier Than This

Fear of flying has been in the news lately because of the recent airbus crashes. This guy decided to try an interesting technique. I know there’s an easier way to solve flying fear that is a lot faster and quicker than this. In fact, you can get your “7 Tips to Fly Stress Free” just by filling out the form on the right side.

Fear of Flying Can Be Amusing Too!

Here’s an amusing look at the fear of flying. If one has to fear flying then at least have a little fun with it. For useful ways to overcome your flying phobia, check out my program: “Lose The Fear – and Fly!”

Fear of Flying Keeps Many From Michael Jackson Memorial

Did you know that the fear of flying kept many people from attending the Michael Jackson memorial? In this video, I’ll talk about a way that people can successfully deal with it. You can get quick and effective relief from your flying phobia with my program “Lose the Fear – and Fly!”

Airbus Crash and Airline Safety

Yesterday, I discussed the last airbus crash involving Yemen Airlines as I was interviewed by G. Gordon Liddy “The G Man” on his radio show. We also talked about airline safety and the airplane crash of Air France.

I’ve added a slide show for you to watch as you listen in.

Hello and Welcome

Enjoy my blog to help you overcome fear of flying. You’ll find lots of valuable information here as well as by signing up to get your “7 Tips to Fly Stress Free” at the upper right.

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