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Pilot DJ Frost comments on Volcanic Ash dangers and helps ease fear of flying for Fox News

Pilot DJ Frost appears on Fox News to answer questions about volcanic ash dangers and eases fear of flying.

Pilot DJ Frost comments on Fox News Channel on new Aviation Safety item that can help people overcome fear of flying

Pilot DJ Frost appeared on the Fox News Channel to comment on the latest navigation technology that can help airplanes fly smoother and help stressful passengers overcome fear of flying.

Pilot DJ Frost comments Live on Fox News as Pilots Follow Airline Safety Procedures to a T

See how these United Airline pilots are professional and follow airline safety procedures to a ‘T’ for your flight safety. Some said this was one of the smoothest landings they ever had! Listen to Pilot DJ Frost’s commentary on Fox News and ease your flying anxiety.

CTV Asks For My Expert Analysis on Iran Airplane Crash


I was on live this morning in Canada on CTV offering my expert aviation analysis on the latest airplane crash and flight safety in Iran. You can get your own tips and updates by completing the form at the upper right to get your “7 Tips to Fly Stress Free”

Airbus Crash and Airline Safety

Yesterday, I discussed the last airbus crash involving Yemen Airlines as I was interviewed by G. Gordon Liddy “The G Man” on his radio show. We also talked about airline safety and the airplane crash of Air France.

I’ve added a slide show for you to watch as you listen in.

The Media and Fear of Flying

The media has been keeping me busy with all the latest developments in the aviation world. I’ve done a dozen radio interviews this past week that have included two with ABC radio Australia.

djFox2The most important thing that people should realize is that these accidents are unusual and that’s what makes them media attractive.  By putting the focus on the “what could be” often takes away much of the factual reporting.

I’m just happy I’m able to give a more factual and real world view of all of the recent aviation events.  Stay tuned for more interviews coming up. Meanwhile, get a step by step system to “Lose the Fear – and Fly!” with my program.

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