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Could this be the Future of Flying?

Here’s a humorous look at what other possibilities could be next as air travel gets crazier for all the fees they are now charging passengers and hopefully people won’t begin to fear flying by all the things they point out in this very funny video.

Overcome Fear of Flying with a little flight attendant humor from David Holmes

Flying anxiety is definitely lowered with a great safety briefing from flight attendant David Holmes who’s also known as “The Rapping Flight Attendant”. Enjoy!

Solving Fear of Flying Can Be Easier Than This

Fear of flying has been in the news lately because of the recent airbus crashes. This guy decided to try an interesting technique. I know there’s an easier way to solve flying fear that is a lot faster and quicker than this. In fact, you can get your “7 Tips to Fly Stress Free” just by filling out the form on the right side.

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