Fly Stress Free!

Discover How You Can Have Peace of Mind and Feel Comfortable Before, During and After Your Flight

Thank you for joining me as I explore the serious and sometimes humorous world of high flying air travel.

As a 30 year veteran of aviation I know how stressful it is to travel. My blog, products and sessions are designed to help you lower your stress before, during and after travel.

My mission is to help you ‘Fly Stress Free’ and enjoy your air travel.

In addition to being an active International Pilot, I am a Certified Hypnotist and NLP Master Practitioner helping people overcome stress, habits and fear so you can enjoy all life has to offer.

You’ll notice me as a frequent guest on radio and television answering questions in “Plane Talk” about aviation safety and delving into the mindset of travelers.

Behind The Scenes

You’ll find that you get useful and sometimes humorous behind the scenes information about aviation and air travel that provides a sense of safety, security and peace of mind.

Here’s what Vickie has to say:

“That was great. I wanted to hear more! I think the public needs to hear more of this… people fear what they don’t know…so if you explain things, it will alleviate the fear…good job!”

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Fly Stress Free Blog:

Articles and advice designed to help you discover how you can have peace of mind and feel safe before during and after your flight …with Pilot DJ Frost.
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I’ve selected these tools, products and services to help you fly stress free.
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